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Welcome to All Things Transmissions and Automotive Repair. We are a proud family owned and operated business with over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry. We offer a full line of rebuilt transmissions, torque converters and transmission parts for American, European and Japanese cars and trucks.

Our key to success is offering a streamlined service that combines excellent quality and fair pricing. Our core values are friendliness, politeness, clarity, transparency, accessibility and, most importantly, effectiveness. Our friendly and knowledge-based approach inspires confidence in our new-customers, and our excellent service and attention to details has earned us high ratings with our existing customers. Our marketing is mostly based on word-of-mouth and sponsorship of events and activities in the communities we serve with the objective of becoming an integral part of those communities.

We recruit, train and embrace our employees as members of our extended family. We recognize the value of a committed and knowledgeable employee and we dedicate resources to improve their lives and performance. We offer customized training and celebrate success, and our compensation package is based on a profit-sharing model.

Each of our shops is equipped with the latest technological tools to ensure its optimal operation and to expedite the diagnosis and pricing process. This includes the latest diagnostic equipment such as Snap-On, Launch and Autel , as well as Mitchell, the industry leader in shop management software. This provides our managers, technicians and service advisors all the tools they need to optimize the operation of vehicles serviced at our locations, and to provide expedited quality service and ensure customer satisfaction to every client that entrusts us with their vehicle.

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